Chanh Nguyen, SJ
Vocation Promoter
My attraction to the Jesuits evolved over the years. In my twenties, I was attracted to the Jesuits because they are learned men. In my thirties, I was attracted to them and wanted to remain with them because they are men of prayer. Now, I am in my forties and I’ve become even more at home in the Society of Jesus because I live in the same community with men who have a very good relationship with Jesus and, because of that, they are men who live life joyfully.
Paul Grubb, SJ
Vocation Promoter
I went to a Jesuit high school. When I looked at our Jesuit teachers they seemed like they were having a lot of fun and doing really great work for the poor and people who needed their help. When I started to think about my own life, all that seemed important at the time was being happy and helping others. Since entering the Society of Jesus my faith has grown and changed informing everything I do. That same desire to serve and be as happy as possible has remained a constant. Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself to remember all of this is real. I feel so lucky and blessed to get to be a Jesuit.
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