William Murphy, SJ
Vocation Promoter
The Jesuits clicked for me when I first visited a house of formation and met the young brothers and scholastics there. Their interests and backgrounds were diverse, yet we all shared the inner drive to serve God and the Church in a radical way — and to go after it with energy and determination every day. I left that encounter knowing that I had to pursue Jesuit life as my primary life option.
Michael Rossmann, SJ
Vocation Promoter
I have heard vocation described as “the happy inability to think of anything else.” When I started to think about joining the Jesuits, that description fit my own experience. I couldn’t “shake” this idea of being a priest and a Jesuit – and yet I was excited. The Jesuits I met were both holy and human. As I met many Jesuits and other men thinking about this life, I could see myself with this group of people. I have felt at home ever since.

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